About us

Clémence Cahu takes elements from her part and inspiration from the present to create bags that are beautiful and « pratique » for today and tomorrow, for everyone and everywhere.
Clémence Cahu, creative and derivative
The founder

Clémence first saw it when she was a little girl, playing in her family’s factory. A swathe of PVC fabric used to manufacture inflatables. She held it up to the light. Bright, shiny, smooth to the touch. Clémence took it home with her and made a pencil-case from it.

Today, she combines the same PVC fabric with the finest cottons, and the world’s most sought-after leathers, to create iconic handbags and accessories. Bold lines and colors, an audacious association of contemporary and traditional, the Cahu range is unique in its aesthetic, and its design. Made from light, water-resistant and easy-to- maintain PVC, the volumes are deceptively generous, with long straps and ubiquitous easy access openings. 

The factory
Now a stylist and art director in a field where craftsmanship and aesthetics are the rules of engagement, she couldn’t find an It-bag that could follow her everywhere. That’s when she remembered this indefatigable material – it became her signature. With CAHU, she envisions luxury as a state of mind and an everyday gesture, embodied in a line of accessories meant to go hand in hand with a life fully lived and the idea of perpetually reinvented elegance. Timeless shapes, powerful hues and incredible durability: CAHU accessories are made to follow you anywhere, in any weather.
More than a bag, the Pratique is an object of possibilities, for everyone and every occasion.
The Pratique
It came about almost by accident, at the launch of CAHU. Functionality is what guided its conception: simple and generous volumes, a double strap so it could be carried in many different ways, one inside pocket for the essentials. Its main quality – practicality – became its moniker. Practical by nature, “Pratique” by name. Over time, this essential tote bag gained three sizes: The generous Large, the original version made to carry all our lives; the Medium size, for maximum flexibility; and the Small and its handbag proportions for an urban daily option. The hardy PVC canvas of the Pratique comes in every colour of the rainbow (and a few beyond that). For the daring souls who want to double the fun, it also comes in a bicolour “ Bi-Goût ” version.
An object made to live rather than a fashion accessory, a CAHU is as an open invitation. Because she wanted the brand to stand the test of time, Clémence Cahu built in the idea that it would absorb the many flavours of a life lived fully and evolve accordingly. Because “simple shape and large volumes” is just a clever way of saying you have plenty of space to play with, CAHU objects are the perfect playground for different creative universes to collide in colourful co-creations. LE SECOURS POPULAIRE × CAHU:
 Because the brand was born from bouncy castles, a delight for generations of kids, CAHU teamed up with the Secours Populaire non-profit organization to ensure fun-filled holidays are no longer a luxury.
Maison Kitsuné x CAHU
A direct connection between Paris and Tokyo, with all essentials at hand for this collaboration that saw the birth of the Pratique M, lined with an all-over fox print matching the trench coats of the label.
Alexandre Benjamin Navet x CAHU
Carte blanche — or blank slate — to the artist for limited editions adorned with his charmingly naive illustrations.
Diptyque x CAHU
Heading South for diptyque’s Mediterranean escapade, Clémence imagined a Pratique as white as the sky is blue. This summer-long companion is dressed for the occasion in cloud-pure PVC and an ultramarine lining printed with the Basile motif, a mythical pattern designed in 1963.
Limited edition capsule marked with AMCA OVAL’s graphic signature in kinetic colors hand embossed with hot stamp foil technique in their Parisian atelier.
Sleek and sustainable. The laptop sleeve is called the Claude Signals, made from PVC canvas so each sleeve is unique and not alike. Production Type is a typographic design agency specialized in exclusive corporate typefaces. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, the agency designs and develops typefaces for clients in the luxury, fashion, industrial and media sectors. It markets its typeface creations to design professionals via its website.
Press kit / Brand book

Based in Paris, CAHU (pronounced "Ka-ew") is a line of designer bags and PVC accessories. Clémence Cahu grew up in Normandy near her father’s tyre factory and her grandparents who lived and worked in the family farm, before moving to Paris to study fashion and work as a designer. After collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry and the most famous brands, in 2018, Clémence founded the brand CAHU. The CAHU line is made from PVC diverted from Clémence Cahu’s father’s Normandy inflatable factory. Contemporary lines, bold colors, luxurious materials and handcrafted techniques PVC turns into bags that are easy to use, easy to maintain and that "wow". An accessory, an object, for day, night, work, pleasure... CAHU, for everyone.

Link to the brand book here